IVU Traffic Technologies delivers an "operating system" for buses and trains. As an internationally leading provider of IT solutions for public transport, IVU has been ensuring punctual and reliable transport in the world's metropolises for more than 40 years. In 2019, IVU had more than 600 employees worldwide and recorded the best result in the company's history with a revenue of more than €88 million.

1. Leading Products

IVU develops and markets fully integrated standard products for all operational tasks of a transport operator in the areas of public transport and rail.

  • Integrated digital workflow:
    The IVU.suite enables an integrated digital workflow in a single system, from planning and dispatching buses, trams, and employees - to operational management, ticketing and passenger information, to the settlement of transport contracts.
  • Integrated resource management:
    For rail, the right support can be found in the integrated resource management system IVU.rail. Whether metro, express train, or freight rail transport - rail companies can profit from an efficient personnel and vehicle deployment.
  • Powerful optimisation:
    IVU products feature powerful, internationally leading optimisation algorithms. They ensure efficient vehicle workings and duties and help our customers to optimally use their resources in order to achieve all their company goals.
  • Swift introduction process and secure hosting:
    Together with the standardised product range, our special IVU.xpress process ensures swift, secure, and cost-effective introduction projects. As part of the we also additionally offer the hosting and the technical operation of our solutions.

2. Successful Company

The company automatically moves between the conflicting interests of different interest groups: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and partners.
The executive board leads IVU so that all interests are fairly considered, all laws and regulations are adhered to, and at the same time the special company culture and values connected to it are respected and retained. It acts based on the following guidelines:

  • Markets:
    The Western European home market is an important column of our business and the basis for our product development. Internationally we are pursuing a significant role in selected markets. For rail companies we want to become the world-wide market leader with IVU.rail.
  • Growth:
    Enduring economic success secures IVU's independence and makes is a reliable partner for our customers and employees. With continued growth we remain profitable, and the efficiency (EBIT/gross profit) is at least 12.5%.
  • Culture:
    IVU maintains a particularly fair, partnership-based and long-term cooperation with its customers, partners and employees. Our treatment of each other is open, human and always at eye level. We share and celebrate success with our colleagues. 

3. High Quality Standards

IVU.suite's standard products help transport operators to plan, control, and optimise their operation. They are continually developed further and thanks to good software engineering are long-lived, functional, stable, and scalable. Thanks to good project management paired with our expertise, we can defend the standard and succeed in fast and secure implementation projects.

  • High-performance and reliable:
    Our systems fulfil our customers' requirements. They offer all functions that the users require in order to efficiently carry out their operational tasks. Despite their complexity, they remain user-friendly and suitably reflect the operational business events. The IVU solutions are high-performance and secure, and are stable and reliable even in challenging operational situation.
  • Well-qualified and determined:
    IVU's most important capital is its clever minds. IVU searches for, finds, and keeps the very best employees. Above all, IVU needs well-trained software and project engineers with industry-specific expertise in order to carry out projects with determination, develop the products in a sustainable manner, and offer customers high-quality support. Their qualifications and motivation build the basis for sustainable success and further growth. For this reason the majority of IVU's employees have a university degree.
  • Approved and sustainable:
    IVU develops its systems on the basis of theoretically grounded and practically proven software engineering principles, methods, and techniques. Through prudent product management and defined release cycles we ensure that both the stability and the existing functional scope are retained when further developing our standard products, as well as ensuring that new product features and necessary adjustments can be seamlessly introduced.
  • Fair and cooperative:
    We work closely with customers and lead our projects safely to their goal. Our standardised process IVU.xpress helps to introduce our systems reliably and in line with agreed budgets and deadlines. In the process, our business conduct is always serious and binding.