IVU.vehicle ensures that the rolling stock is allocated in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. The system assists with planning staff assignments, workshop visits, and parking, and optimises the deployment of locomotives, multiple units and carriages.

Building on the schedule planning features of IVU.run or vehicle runs from an external system, IVU.vehicle‘s extensive suggestion system flexibly supports the allocation of vehicles to schedules. The clearly arranged display of available and suitable vehicles is particulary helpful when a replacement service needs to be organised at short notice. In addition, the automatic conflict check prevents errors and ensures that all rules are observed. At the same time, the system monitors the current operational situation and issues an alert if there are disruptions so that dispatch managers can react quickly.

The integrated track occupancy planning function enables arrivals and departures to be monitored and managed in real time and also allows the planning of parking and shunting movements. Dispatch managers can create workshop orders directly in IVU.vehicle or adopt them from another system and block the relevant vehicles from being allocated.

The intuitive user interface clearly displays all key information, including planned and current vehicle workings, routes, vehicles and staff deployed, service intervals and conflicts. IVU.vehicle ensures that railway companies are equipped to efficiently manage all types of operational scenarios.