This is IVU’s area of ex­per­tise. From initial timetable planning to the deployment of resources – the algorithms of IVU sys­tems solve highly complex tasks.


Planning – dispatch – operation

Planning vehicle workings for electric buses and matching duties is a demanding task – deploying all resources properly and opti­mally poses a challenge. But there is significant potential in this. Making vehicle and duty schedules just a few percent more effi­cient can save transport companies a lot of money. This applies in particular to electric bus or mixed fleets. IVU’s opti­mi­sa­tion solutions help to overcome the complex require­ments of differ­ent vehicle and drive types and extract the maximum from the available resources.

IVU has been working in close partnership with the mathematicians at LBW Optimization GmbH, a spin-off of the renowned Zuse Institute in Berlin, for nearly 20 years to this end. The company develops new mathematical optimisation processes based on current scientific findings. The algorithms the company has created form the centrepiece of IVU’s optimisation cores.

These solutions allow to quickly generate duty and run schedules that meet all legal and operational requirements. This delivers optimum vehicle workings that deploy electric buses efficiently and help to save costs in the process. At the same time, the system creates more balanced duties that improve staff satisfaction. Optimisation allows dispatch managers to react directly to disruptions or construction works and adapt duty schedules and vehicle workings in seconds to suit the ranges of electric buses, thus preventing cancellations and ensuring stable operation at all times. This way, optimisation also improves the service quality for passengers.

Maximum efficiency

IVU.suite planning products allow to coordinate duties and vehicle workings for maximum efficiency. The integrated duty and vehicle working scheduling synchronises the charging times of electric buses with the break and relief possibilities entered in the system, thus helping transport operators to make optimum use of available resources.

IVU.suite’s automatic personnel dispatch (APD) function also optimises staff allocation. The system organises roster layouts and allocates the relevant employees to them. Depending on the operational requirements it could, for example, consider aspects such as fair allocations or balanced work time accounts. In addition, APD automatically takes qualifications, holidays, further training courses, and requests into account, thus increasing driver flexibility.

Optimisation not only assists with day-to-day operations in transport companies, but also helps with business decisions such as the preparatory planning for the deployment of electric buses. It can be used to calculate different scenarios for timetables and vehicle working schedules as well as for the layout of infra­struc­ture – thereby clearing the way ahead for traffic with zero local emissions.