CleverShuttle is the leading ridepooling expert in Germany. To deploy its driving personnel efficiently, the company uses the dispatching solutions of IVU.suite.

IVU.duty, IVU.crew + IVU.pad


The right personnel for every duty – the duty scheduling tools of IVU.suite provide support for the entire staff rostering process, from the establishment of the first duty schedule, to personnel dispatching and communication with drivers.

IVU.crew’s configurable rule system checks allocations of activities to employees and reports conflicts

Closely linked to vehicle working scheduling, duty scheduling immediately maps every modification and suggests duty adjustments if necessary, for instance, if additional activities such as charging or precon­di­tioning arise. Thanks to a flexible rule editor, the sys­tem automatically observes all operational, collec­tive agreement and legal requirements as well as any qualifications that are required.

IVU.pad supports day-to-day operations: The mobile app keeps drivers, workshop employees or service staff in the loop at all times. Important information, such as duty schedules, manuals, training documents or the designated parking space for the bus, is just a fingertip away. In addition, dispatch can enter specific information about the vehicle or the trip, such as the state of charge or operational guidelines.

Regardless of the drive in question – the integrated solutions in IVU.suite ensure entirely digital workflows, from timetable planning all the way to personnel.

IVU.pad keeps mobile employees in the loop and accelerates workflows

At a glance

  • Flexible rule editor
    Rules such as qualifications, labour laws and company agreements can be entered and adapted in a flexible manner
  • Integrated duty and vehicle working scheduling
    For optimum results, duty scheduling synchronises the charging times for the buses with employee break times
  • Direct employee communication
    IVU.pad sends all important information to employees directly – in seconds at the click of a mouse
  • Simple fault messages
    IVU.pad makes it easy to record disruptions: Digital forms help to enter the data and forward all information directly

Photo header: CleverShuttle