Amersfoort, Netherlands

Using the IVU.suite, Dutch transport operator Qbuzz manages its growing mixed fleet in a single system.



Automatic parking space allocation

When a bus enters the depot, the correct parking space is impor­tant for the subsequent depot exit. With this in mind, IVU.suite links parking planning with deployable vehicle working scheduling. The system suggests vehicle workings as well as suitable points to park the vehicle by determining the optimum parking space at the vehicle dispatch stage and automatically specifying lane occupancy for departures and arrivals.

The dispatch personnel can specify in detail which criteria and strategies the system uses. For instance, it is possible to specify whether parking is to be organised by vehicle type or line. Addi­tional specifications can include the operating status or state of charge, parking space availability, travel path, output available at the charging station or capacity utilisation of the charging infrastructure.

The overall process is completely transparent: The dispatch user interface shows the selected parking space and enables manual intervention, if necessary. Consequently, dispatch is always in control of all operational workflows.

The depot view in IVU.vehicle shows charging processes, parking space assignments and buses at the depot

Integrated depot management

Whether it involves battery-powered, diesel or fuel-cell buses: Most of the workflows in the depot are always identical. When it comes to temporary parking, manoeuvring activities or interior and exterior cleaning, the drive system used is irrelevant. Therefore, IVU.suite maps the processes for electric and combustion-engined vehicles in a single user interface.

IVU.vehicle shows all dispatch information at a glance

The system enables detailed planning and monitoring of all necessary activities as well as the allocation of workshop ca­paci­ties. If IVU.suite detects a battery-powered bus, it auto­mati­cally assigns specific tasks such as charging or pre­con­ditioning to the list of activities. In this context, all roles in the depot work with the same tool. Consequently, dispatch, workshop, cleaning and manoeuvring personnel are on the same page at all times, regardless of vehicle type.

Charging management integrated

The direct link to the charging station: As the user interface between the bus and the charging management system, the depot management system in IVU.suite provides the optimum charging plan for all incoming vehicles and vehicles that need to be parked. The plan derives from, among other things, the state of charge, the next vehicle working or vehicle- or season-dependent consumption.

If a vehicle is connected to a charging station, the system uses the open communication protocol OCPP to transmit the charging plan and sends preconditioning specifications to the vehicle in ac­cor­dance with VDV 261 in order to achieve an optimum range prior to departure. At the same time, dispatch is informed of the location of the bus and its state of charge.

If a driver parks the vehicle in a different location than planned, the system automatically calculates a new charging plan for this position or alerts dispatch if a conflict occurs. IVU.suite also issues notifications for defective charging stations and blocks them to prevent vehicles parking beside them. This ensures that electric buses always leave the depot with sufficient power in the battery.

At a glance

  • Standardised processes
    Vehicle dispatch and parking planning from a single source: IVU.suite combines processes logically
  • Open interfaces
    Thanks to open standards such as OCPP, transport operators are not tied to specific vehicle and charging station vendors
  • Flexible rule editor
    Criteria and strategies for parking can be specified in detail and easily entered in the system
  • Optimum parking
    Vehicle type, state of charge, next vehicle working: Powerful algorithms automatically determine the optimum parking space – even in the case of modifications at short notice
  • Integrated dispatch
    Whether it is used for a mixed fleet or purely electric operation, IVU.suite combines activities for all vehicle types in a single user interface
  • Automatic conflict warning
    Whether it is an incorrectly parked vehicle or a defective charging station – IVU.suite informs dispatch if problems occur
  • Executing charging plans
    From charging management to depot management, IVU.suite monitors the overall charging infrastructure

Photo header: Qbuzz