Whether by bus, ferry or plane, the Norwegian trans­port company Torghatten makes sure that its cus­tom­ers arrive at their destina­tions. IVU.vehicle ensures efficient vehicle deployment in this vast country.



IVU.vehicle puts vehicles on the road and ensures optimal depot management – in a way that is efficient, conserves resources, and cuts costs. The system offers assistance with planning staff assignments, workshop visits, and standing times, and optimises bus and tram deployment.

Links to the schedule planning feature of or another system give IVU.vehicle an extensive suggestion system, which speeds up the allocation of vehicles to schedules. The clearly arranged display of available and suitable vehicles is a helpful advantage, particularly when a replacement service needs to be organised at short notice. In addition, an automatic conflict check prevents errors and ensures that all rules are observed. At the same time, the system monitors all trips in real time and signals an alert if there are disruptions so that dispatch managers can act quickly.

IVU.vehicle has direct links with workshop planning. Workshop orders can be created so that you always have a clear idea of which vehicles are available. Blocks shown in the bar graph and in the relevant table views make it immediately apparent if a vehicle is not ready for use. In addition, it allows IVU.vehicle to precisely plan both parking in depots and charging processes for electric buses.

The intuitive user interface displays all key information, including planned and current vehicle schedules and routes, as well as deployed vehicles and employees. Service intervals and conflicts – such as location breaks – are also shown here. With IVU.vehicle, transport companies are perfectly positioned to deal with every operating situation.

IVU.vehicle displays all dispatch information at a glance

At a glance

  • Automatic dispatch
    IVU.vehicle’s automatic dispatch function speeds up vehicle deployment and makes things efficient
  • Intelligent suggestion system
    IVU.vehicle knows which vehicles are available and makes a suitable suggestion for every vehicle schedule
  • Effective conflict check
    Comply with all rules and speed up workflows: The automatic conflict check protects against errors
  • Integration of real-time data
    IVU.vehicle displays actual data for current trips and issues an alert if there are disruptions so that dispatch managers can act quickly
  • Optimal charging management
    The charging management is seamlessly integrated into the user interface and supports electric buses to optimally plan charging processes, taking range restrictions into account

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Case Study: IVU.suite at the Transdev Group

For a company with 45 subsidiaries and over 6,900 employees, efficient planning and scheduling is essential. In order to standardise these processes for the various bus and rail companies, Transdev relies on IVU.suite.
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