London, Great Britain

Red double-decker buses are a characteristic feature of the British capital. IVU.realtime gives customers real-time de­parture time information for over 8,500 vehicles at more than 2,500 stop displays.

IVU.realtime + IVU.journey

Real-time information across all channels

Up-to-date and correct passenger information at stop displays and on your smartphone – IVU.realtime keeps customers informed in real time across all channels. The dynamic passenger information system, which is directly linked to the control centre, generates a consistent flow of data from the vehicle to the passenger.

Standardised interfaces connect IVU.realtime to a number of different data sources, including external data hubs. The system uses the incoming real-time data to calculate passenger-appropriate departure forecasts and transmits this information automatically to the various output media. Where required, information can be added manually and automatically and relayed either visually or acoustically over external systems.

The is the perfect app for passengers – complete with a departure monitor, real-time connection search tool, trip companion and door-to-door navigation. Just like all other output media, it can be fully adapted to your transport company’s individual design requirements.

If you also want to give passengers the option to look for information on the website, the IVU.journey travel planning system is a good place to start. Whether you are travelling directly to your destination or your trip involves changes, stops, and journey interruptions – the system always calculates the best connection. IVU.journey also factors car- and bike-sharing initiatives into the route calculations where these services are available.

The mobile informs passengers about current departures and accompanies them from door to door

At a glance

  • Efficient real-time information
    Whether you have 10 or 10,000 buses, IVU.realtime processes and distributes real-time data in a fraction of a second
  • Consistent data flow
    The same information is displayed across all channels, from display screens and the app, right through to data hubs
  • Mobile app
    The delivers passenger information to smartphones, complete with a trip companion
  • Barrier-free access
    Integration of additional information on stops and vehicles for people with disabilities
  • Customisable design
    The visual representation and sound of all passenger information can be adapted to your individual requirements

Case Study: IVU.suite at ASEAG

IVU’s modern positioning technology provides ASEAG with real-time data for use in its control centre and the passen­ger information system with over 60 stop displays and an app with travel assistance.
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Case Study: IVU.suite at BKK

Heavy traffic on Budapest’s streets and ageing technology present a challenge for the city’s municipal transport authority, Budapesti Közlekedési Központ, in terms of fleet management and real-time passenger information.
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Photo header: Jason Hawkes