A network of over 30 bus and railway companies makes Transdev one of the largest transport providers in Germany. IVU.duty harmonises planning processes and allows flexible staff deployment.



The optimal duty schedule at the touch of a button – IVU.duty generates efficient duty schedules for the entire workforce, from drivers and service staff through to workshop employees. The intelligent suggestion system and powerful optimisation make light work of such complex tasks.

Having a close connection to means that IVU.duty takes all the relevant data directly from vehicle working scheduling. The system immediately takes into account any changes to individual vehicle schedules and suggests amendments to duty schedules where required. Thanks to its flexible rule editor, IVU.duty automatically takes into consideration all operational, collective agreements and legal requirements.

Optimisation algorithms automate the entire planning process on request. Within a few minutes, they merge thousands of duty elements, crewing guidelines and qualifications to produce an optimal duty schedule that can be used right away – without any manual reworking whatsoever. IVU.duty adapts to the relevant company objectives such as minimising costs or making duties as balanced as possible. Variants and adjustments are possible to enable a rapid response to short-notice changes and ensure that duty schedules are as unaffected as possible.

The integrated duty and vehicle schedule planning feature benefits regional transport operators in particular. It synchronises schedule times with drivers’ work and ensures the best possible deployment of all vehicles and employees.

IVU.duty can display scheduled vehicle and personnel movements in a clearly arranged manner in a map

At a glance

  • Intelligent optimisation
    IVU.duty merges thousands of duty elements to produce an optimal duty schedule and ensure efficiency
  • Integrated duty and vehicle scheduling
    Vehicle schedule times can be synchronised with working and break times and optimised in a single step for an optimal resource deployment
  • Adaptation optimisation
    IVU.duty leaves existing duties largely untouched – even in the face of short-notice changes to the duty schedule
  • Flexible rule editor
    Duty guidelines, labour laws, company agreements: Rules can be flexibly stored and adjusted
  • Extensive variant planning
    If there is a new concession or changes to services, IVU.duty calculates the impact on staff

Case Study: IVU.suite at BLT

Baselland Transport AG has modernised its processes and now plans largely automati­cally in order to adapt the duty scheduling of its transport service employees to new requirements.
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Case Study: IVU.suite at BUS Ostschweiz

BUS Ostschweiz AG relies on the duty schedule optimisation of the IVU.suite to make duty schedules more efficient and fairer than in the past.
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Photo header: Transdev GmbH/Tom Schulze