Frankfurt, Germany

DELFI e.V. uses features, such as those offered by IVU.pool, to integrate all German public transport timetable data mostly automatically. The result is a Germany-wide, routable public transport data record with 250,000 stops.



Various threads come together in a public transport network. Timetables and network data from various transport operators converge to form a mutual body of information. No matter what planning system the data originates from – IVU.pool is compatible with it.

Registration of footpath network in IVU.pool

IVU.suite’s integration solution has interfaces to all common formats, serving as a basis for the network-wide timetable information. This makes it easy to import timetable data from a wide variety of sources and integrate it into a standardised overall network. IVU.pool administers different timetable versions smoothly, allowing networks to consult the construction timetable for the summer as early as spring, for example.

IVU.pool allows you to not only create timetables directly in the system but also import them and add your own data, such as walking distances between the neighbouring stops of different operators or connecting times between the routes of different transport companies. You can also add points of interest or barriers at stops and in buildings, with IVU.pool also retrieving data from site maps and architectural drawings. This makes it possible to model vehicle accessibility and transfer connections.

Automated features for importing and exporting data or routing lines for map displays take on standard tasks and speed up workflows. The extensive user management feature of the multi-client solution also makes it easier to work with external partners. IVU.pool optimises how public transport networks perform their tasks and roles.

At a glance

  • Standard interfaces for import and export
    IVU.pool integrates the timetables of various companies and generates an overall timetable
  • Version management made simple
    Road works, events, holiday timetables – IVU.pool automatically looks ahead to anticipate future changes
  • Automated processes
    If desired, IVU.pool performs standard, recurring tasks automatically, which speeds up workflows
  • Importing of real graphs
    IVU.pool administers and imports real graphs to generate a clearly arranged visual representation of route layouts on maps
  • Data enhancement made easy
    It is easy to add extra information such as transfer times or walking distances in buildings

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