Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul transport company IETT has over 6,000 vehicles in its network in this major city on the Bosporus. IVU.time­table generates and manages the entire timetable network in real time.



Get your optimal timetable with just two mouse clicks per trip – IVU.timetable always ensures the best connections. All basic and infrastructure data is contained within one system, allowing for perfect coordination of routes, headway, and trips.

IVU.timetable supports the entire timetabling process – from structuring the route network and creating timetables through to publishing services and supplying information to operation control and passenger information systems. Numerous automated features such as pre-defined travel paths and travel times make it easier to create trips. The system continuously monitors whether preset connections are reached, and warns if conflicts arise.

IVU.timetable gives you the flexibility to work around planned timetable deviations – such as road works. If the timeframe changes, the system ensures consistent planning information – from journeys and vehicle schedules through to duties. Different views displaying information in map, table and bar or line graph format give detailed insights.

Whether the task at hand involves simply configuring individual routes or integrating data from other operators and third-party companies, IVU.timetable has all the information at its fingertips – at all times. IVU.timetable makes everything easy – from assigning vehicle restrictions and entering parameters such as seating capacity and trip courses through to designing timetables.

The line graph presents the timetable and any conflicts clearly in IVU.timetable

At a glance

  • Intelligent checking algorithms
    A single change can have major repercussions: IVU.timetable supplies consistent planning information automatically
  • Automatic conflict warnings
    IVU.timetable sends an alert if designated connections are not going to be met to ensure that all connections fit into the timetable
  • Clearly arranged displays
    Different views (map views, tables and bar or line graphs) give detailed insights
  • Integration of third-party data
    IVU.timetable integrates timetable data from a wide range of sources from sub-contractors to public transport networks
  • Well-thought-out design
    The intuitive user interface makes it quick and easy to maintain even large transport networks

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