Passengers travelling with the leading Dutch transport operator have a choice between debit card, credit card, or OV-Chipkaart smart card. IVU.fare and with pay terminal accept all payment types.

IVU.fare + IVU.ticket + IVU.validator

End-to-end ticketing solution

Developing pricing models, analysing income, acquiring customers – IVU.fare manages the entire spectrum of sales processes from setting fares through to settling ticket sales. IVU.ticket brings tickets to the customer: Printing paper tickets, selling and validating e-tickets – the software for sales and inspection terminals handles all transactions reliably, whether in the vehicle or at the counter.

The IVU.fare central background system contains all data required to process ticket sales, including fares, devices in use, sellers, and seller authorisations. The integrated customer management function makes the multi-client-capable system an end-to-end e-tick­eting solution. From ticket issuing and contract man­age­ment, through to automatic SEPA direct debits – everything remains within one system.

Point of sale view for sellers in IVU.fare

IVU.ticket calculates the appropriate price through its connection to IVU.fare. The software takes position data from the on-board com­puter via standard protocol for easier location finding. IVU.ticket assists with both cash sales and cashless card payments using the pay terminal – contactless or with PIN entry. It also supports widely used e-ticket standards such as VDV-KA and Calypso as well as barcode tickets – for example, from the

The mobile ticketing app takes care of the whole process on your smartphone. When used with IVU.fare, extensive evaluation functions are available to transport operators.

In-vehicle sales dialogue in IVU.ticket

Whether you use it purely as a reading device for boarding checks or in combination with the optional screen as a useroperated sales terminal – the IVU.validator enhances the with a number of attractive features. The device is attached to the second door and not only takes some of the pressure off the driver, but also makes boarding faster.


At a glance

  • Integrated fare management
    IVU.fare contains all data required for ticket sales, from the fare management through to settlement
  • Secure sales processes
    All transactions are fraud-proof, cashier-proof and tamper-proof, and payment flows are fully traceable
  • Comprehensive evaluation
    Statistics and analysis functions help to evaluate sales and improve service offerings
  • Simple e-ticketing
    Central customer accounts for payment and settlement make setting fares and e-ticketing more straightforward
  • Completely customisable
    Whether tickets, customer cards or the app, the layout can be adapted to the company’s design

Case Study: IVU.suite at SWMS

With Germany’s first e-ticket with a flexible occasional rider fare, SWMS responded early to the growing trend of inter­modal and multimodal journeys.
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Case Study: IVU.suite at WVG Münster

One single fare for Westphalia-Lippe: Thanks to the stand­ard­ised structure of the IVU solu­tion, WVG introduced a com­plete­ly new tariff system within five months.
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Case Study: IVU.suite at VMS

VMS decided to introduce the the multi-tenant operation control system IVU.fleet together with the on-board computer
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Case Study: Multi-tenant system for A-Welle

Efficient, resource-conserving, cost-effective: Together with BOGG, Regionalbus Lenzburg and AVA (Limmat Bus), IVU has implemented an integrated multi-tenant system for Switzerland.
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