Abellio: Start of operations in record time with integrated planning software

Abellio took over almost 600 km of rail network and was commissioned to start operations after a setting-up period of merely 3 years. Abellio opted for a planning software that could be quickly implemented and included automation and optimization functions.

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Trenitalia: Integrated planning and dispatching for 14,000 employees

With 8,000 trains per day and around 14,000 employees, the Italian national railway Trenitalia is one of the largest European railway companies. On a daily basis, it is meeting an enormous challenge in the field of planning and dispatching.

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DB Regio: Integrated planning and dispatching for 2,800 drivers and 1,300 trains

A major share of Germany’s regional passenger rail service is operated by DB Regio. Complex operating systems, a tight headway in major metropolitain areas, and a high proportion of special transport services have to be taken into account in both planning and dispatching.

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SBB Cargo: Efficient planning and dispatching with standard software

SBB Cargo, the freight transport division of Swiss Federal Railways, handles almost a quarter of all freight transport service in Switzerland. Extremely volatile conditions (such as changes to customer orders etc.) make planning in the highly cost-sensitive logistics sector more difficult.

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Transdev: Integrated resource planning for bus and rail

Transdev GmbH is the largest private public transport provider for German rail and bus services, with over 30 bus companies and numerous regional passenger railways throughout Germany. Due to the almost identical or similar business processes an integrated approach to planning and dispatching seems suitable.

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MÁV-START: Integrated planning and dispatching for 1,000 locomotives

Due to Hungary’s central location with seven neighbouring countries, the Hungarian rail network is an important hub for railway transport in central Europe. Efficient and competitive planning and dispatching is of great importance to the Hungarian national railway.

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NEB: Efficient planning and dispatching with growing operating capacity

Niederbarnim Railways (NEB) triples its operating capacity in just 3 years. This presents new challenges for the planners and dispatchers at NEB: a larger vehicle fleet, more locomotive engineers and the decentralisation of deployment locations must be taken into account.

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