A-Welle: Integrated multi-tenant system

Efficient, resource-conserving, cost-effective: Together with BOGG, Regionalbus Lenzburg and AVA (Limmat Bus), IVU has implemented an integrated multi-tenant system for Switzerland, which can be flexibly expanded to include other transport operators.

Transdev: Integrated planning and dispatch with fleet management

For a company with 45 subsidiaries and over 6,900 employees, efficient planning and scheduling is essential. In order to standardise these processes for the various bus and rail companies, Transdev relies on IVU.suite.

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VMS: Multi-tenant fleet management and cashless ticketing

VMS decided to introduce the the multi-tenant operation control system IVU.fleet together with the on-board computer IVU.ticket.box in order to bring the 17 participating transport operators in the association up to uniform technical standard and to improve the service for the passengers.

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LAMATA: Modern operational control system for Nigeria

In order to minimise traffic congestion and to enable efficient traffic operations in Lagos, the largest city in Africa, the traffic authority LAMATA uses the integrated standard products of IVU.suite since 2016.

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Torghatten: Standardised scheduling and dispatch in the cloud across multiple companies

Norwegian bus operator Norgesbuss has been using IVU solutions for scheduling and dispatching vehicles and personnel since 2001. Having witnessed the benefits as the parent company, Torghatten decided to introduce IVU.suite to some of its other subsidiaries as well.

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BOGG: A time saving of 80 percent thanks to automatic personnel dispatch

The Busbetrieb Olten Gösgen Gäu (BOGG) has relied on the IVU.suite planning products for its timetable planning, run scheduling and duty scheduling since 2004. To improve the flexibility of rostering and to save time, BOGG decided to enhance this by rolling out IVU.crew’s automatic personnel dispatch (APD) function.

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WVG Münster: A new fare model in just five months

One single fare for Westphalia-Lippe: Thanks to the “WestfalenTarif” fare, passengers only need one ticket for the entire region. Thanks to the standardised structure of the IVU solution, WVG was able to offer the new tickets to all passengers within five months – without any special system updates.

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BUS Ostschweiz: Efficient route patterns and optimal duty schedules

Every year more than eight million passengers travel with BUS Ostschweiz AG, on a route network spanning over 440 kilometres. In order to be able to make duty schedules not only more efficient, but also fairer than before, duty schedule optimisation is of vital importance for the company.

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PostBus: integrated planning and dispatching for ten regions

PostAuto Schweiz

PostBus has been able to establish a Switzerland-wide process and system infrastructure for integrated planning and dispatching of vehicles and personnel with IVU.suite.

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GEP: Fleet management and passenger information

Bus routes in Peru’s capital Lima may cover distances of up to 60 km. In order to be able to offer a reliable service in spite of fluctuating traffic density, Grupo Express del Perú turned to digital solutions for public transport.

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